ITALY and GREECE tours organised from Cape Town

 Peter Klipfel Tour organizer based in Cape Town South Africa that has been organizing small group tours between 2 - 10 people  to Greece and Italy since 2000..

Tour budget is normally around R26000 per person all inclusive except spending money.. Time period on my tours as a leader is normally 16 - 18 days. Cost of budget is also dependent on the Euro / Rand 

For more on the tours and the routes that are planned  - Email

Tours can be organized between the Mainland and the various Greek islands.

So let me know what type of holiday you would like to experience and I will through my extensive travel of the Greek mainland and islands give you the best options to choose from - Peter - Touring Greece 

How to get around Greece without a fuss  - Check it out

2022  group tour   -  route GREECE with Touring Greece

Tours can be organized to  ITALY or GREECE or just make a combination of the two for a super holiday

Group tours to Athens and the Greek islands

Our mission at Touring Greece is to make your trip a most memorable and safe one.. We place you in accommodation close to Transportation like metro`s and busses. You can either stay close to the main attractions or away in a quieter area.

You can choose to travel inland or along the coast or the islands of GREECE or ITALY .

Seeing that the rules of travel are easing in most of Europe this makes traveling even more appealing for 2022 and beyond

group tour to Greece from Cape Town with Peter

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